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Workers hit by super scandal


THOUSANDS of workers in the state electorate­s of Ovens Valley and Benambra have been collective­ly robbed of more than $21 million in unpaid superannua­tion in 12 months, according to Industry Super Australia (ISA).

ISA deputy chief executive, Matt Linden, said new analysis of Australian Tax Office data from 2016-17 by ISA has revealed the scope of the "unpaid super scandal" statewide, and the impact it has on eroding retirement nest eggs for workers in Wangaratta and elsewhere in the state.

Mr Linden said more than 800,000 Victorians have not received their legal super entitlemen­t – almost one in three workers - with the total underpayme­nt at around $1.4 billion.

He said affected workers were on average being ripped off about $1750 a year in super.

According to ISA's analysis, 6840 workers in the Ovens Valley electorate were unpaid a total of $8,660,000 in 12 months.

The workers - representi­ng more than 34 per cent of workforce - were on average being unpaid $1266 annually.

It was even worse for neighbouri­ng electorate­s in other parts across the North East.

Benambra had an estimated 8555 workers unpaid an average $1468 totalling $12.5 million; Euroa had 7505 workers unpaid an average of $1422 totalling $10.67 million; and Eildon had 7030 workers unpaid an average $1439 totalling $10.12 million.

Mr Linden said the "ISA welcomes the Victorian Government’s push to create laws that criminally punish workers who don’t pay wages, superannua­tion and other entitlemen­ts, but he urged more to be done.

"The Victorian Government can help to fix the unpaid super problem once and for all by calling on the Federal Government to require super is paid on payday," he said.

"An outdated law only requires super to be paid quarterly and not in line with pay cycles.”

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