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Don’t let sport ruin your smile.


An injury can result in a loss of one or more teeth, broken or chipped teeth, jaw fractures or injuries to the soft tissue of the mouth. Dental trauma can also include damage to the gums and lips.

According to the Australian Dental Associatio­n (ADA), about onethird of traumatic injuries to teeth are sports-related. Sports Medicine Associatio­n Australia suggests that 50% of children experience some form of dental injury.

The good news is that injuries can often be prevented by using a customfitt­ed mouthguard every time you play or train. Constructe­d and fitted by a dental profession­al, a customised mouthguard provides the best protection for your teeth. The dentist takes an impression of your teeth and makes a plaster model to get the closest possible fit. The mouthguard needs to be at least 4mm thick, with a cushioning effect that provides protection against impact. It fits snugly so it’s still possible to talk – an important aspect during an intense match.

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