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The Nook Pinot Grigio 2020

- with Anita McPherson

WHILE browsing through the paint section of my local hardware store I was astounded by the many different shades of what were effectivel­y the same colour and the creative names they were given.

I was looking for white paint - not that hard an assignment but with just one of the major brands offering nearly 5000 different tints, dozens in the white category, it wasn’t that easy.

The marketing department must spend hours racking their brains for everything which infers white, without actually saying it, think frost, snow, chalk, pearl, linen and even rice.

But colour does invoke the senses at the end of busy, humid day, Buller Wines The Nook Pinot Grigio caught my eye with its cologne-cool, almost Tiffany-blue label.

And it doesn’t disappoint; with a bright, fresh and fruity aroma which also has a hint of honeysuckl­e.

This crisp white wine is all about pear fruit and while it has the zing of citrus acidity, there’s quite a deep and lasting background flavour, reminiscen­t of gentle honeycomb.

Lightly chilled it’s refreshing but also satisfying - and pairs well with seafood like flash fried squid or with white meat dishes like chicken with cashew nuts.

Bullers say they search every nook and cranny for the right people to create elegant wines which are perfect for sharing, and this is.

The Grenache Rose in the range also happens to be a gorgeous salmon pink colour which is going to match my crowd pleasing Gravlax perfectly. About $23.

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