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Autumn wedding options are here


AUTUMN is the second most popular wedding season in Australia after spring and is traditiona­lly March 1 to May 31.

Being a transition­al season, temperatur­es are usually mild and tend to be not too hot and not too cold.

The colour-changing beauty of the leaves of deciduous trees in parks and other venues make for stunning ceremony backdrops and beautiful photograph­y.

Autumn lends itself to adding sophistica­ted woollen jackets or shawls to your wedding party to match your wedding gown, and an added bonus is that they can keep guests warm when the night time temperatur­e dips.

It also gives you a great excuse to change your look between the ceremony and reception.

Long-sleeved, sheer backed wedding dresses find their moment to shine at autumn weddings, however if you would rather an oǥ the shoulder look, the lace jacket or shawl can keep you warm during photos or later into the night.

Spring and autumn are often peak times for venues and suppliers and can be more expensive, however mid-week weddings are becoming more popular and venues often oǥer lower rates for those days.

Colour Palettes

Warm shades of burnt oranges, golden yellows, dark reds or even maroons are perfect for autumn weddings and adding white or ivory amongst them can lighten the darker shades.

Pastel shades oǥer a romantic feel while splashes of purple, burgundy and rose can offset lighter tones and can be used to highlight special details or match napkins or table decoration­s at the reception.

Creating an intimate feeling among your wedding guests

Candles and blankets can provide a romantic feel to your ceremony and/or reception and the sense of intimacy will bring your guests together.

As temperatur­es drop in the evening, a handy blanket to snuggle under will encourage those who don’t want to keep warm on the dancefloor to enjoy the reception for longer.

Menu options

Pomegranat­e, grapefruit, rhubarb, figs and oranges are all in season in autumn and can add splashes of colour to meals or table decoration­s and go well with plenty of cold or warm dishes.

Vegetable soups can make wonderful starters before turkey, chicken or baked eggplant options come out for mains.

Desserts can be rounded out with fresh fruit tarts, platters or cakes.

Warm cocktail options can sit alongside traditiona­l wine, beer, spirits and champagne and a nightcap of hot chocolate and marshmallo­ws will have your guests leaving warm and perhaps ready for bed.

Whatever theme you decide on for your autumn wedding, there are plenty of colours and food options to choose from to make your ceremony and reception memorable.

 ?? PHOTO: Georgie James Photograph­y ?? Taneia and Mitch Hill.
PHOTO: Georgie James Photograph­y Taneia and Mitch Hill.
 ?? PHOTO: AndreaS is sons Photograph­y ?? Simon and Candice Quarrell.
PHOTO: AndreaS is sons Photograph­y Simon and Candice Quarrell.
 ?? PHOTO: Coby Field ?? Daniel and Nerilee Lad grove.
PHOTO: Coby Field Daniel and Nerilee Lad grove.

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