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Colour in your garden

- with Mandi McDonald, LINGA A WHILE NURSERY

THE happy faces of pansies can put a smile on your face even on the dreariest of winter days.

They are just one of the annuals to plant for winter colour and now is the time to get your autumn/winter seedlings in to ensure you have a beautiful display for months.

There is something to suit sun or shade, pots or garden beds.

Knowing your garden aspect will mean you have more success with your plantings.

Pansies, violas, snapdragon­s, calendula, stock and poppies are just a few that like a warm, sunny position to thrive.

Primula, polyanthus, lobelia, alyssum and cineraria will tolerate more shade and brighten up a dull spot in winter.

You can plant seedlings, or if you want more instant results, potted colour.

If you have had summer annuals where you are planting you will need to remove these and replenish the soil.

Add organic matter and dig the area over so you have nice fresh ground ready for the new seedlings.

You can create a fabulous display by planting pots together with bulbs and annuals.

Plant your bulbs at the recommende­d depth and plant flower seedlings on top.

For winter you have gorgeous colour and come spring you have your bulbs pushing their way up to add to the show.

Mass planting of one variety in a garden bed can give you an absolute show stopper.

I personally like a gathering of pots with a selection of different seedlings and bulbs.

I adore violas that absolutely make up for their small flowers by having lots of them.

They also self-seed readily so you gets lots of ‘free’ plants.

Whichever flower you choose now is time to take advantage of the beautiful autumn days we have been enjoying so head outside and get busy planting.

Happy gardening.

 ?? ?? HAPPY DAYS: Pansies add sunshine to dreary winter days whether in pots or a mass planting.
HAPPY DAYS: Pansies add sunshine to dreary winter days whether in pots or a mass planting.

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