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Brown Brothers

Moscato Rosé

- with Anita McPherson

WHEN May rolls around it is hard to open a newspaper, watch television or enter a retail outlet without seeing wonderful ideas for how to spoil our mums on Mother’s Day.

They are invariably soft and pretty - woolly scarves, plush pyjamas and fluffy slippers - or they are sweet, pink and shiny things to adorn a wrist or dab behind the ears.

Those things are lovely for some, but if your mum is more interested in four wheel driving or building a pergola on the house, roof racks or a nail gun might be better.

A friend of mine is dreaming about a high pressure cleaner and a good bottle of Scotch whiskey but she still fancies Brown Brothers Moscato Rosé with her scrambled eggs for brunch.

The wine is made from Muscat of Alexandria grapes with a small percentage of Cienna to give the Rosé colour.

It’s a fragrant and fruity wine with the aroma of musk sticks, berry fruit and blooming rose, which seem to be more enhanced because of the light effervesce­nce.

The flavour has a touch of strawberry and sweet grape juice but there is also a little Moscato spice which makes it refreshing with dishes such as sushi, bacon and eggs or perhaps roast duck.

Yes it’s pretty too - but what’s really handy is the wine has an alcohol level of only 6.5 per cent, which makes it ideal if you want to have a small glass with brunch.

Especially if you’re going four wheel driving for the afternoon. About $16.

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