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To all you ma­cho truck­ies out there. I used to be a ma­cho truckie and not stop for a pee when I felt the urge. I used to hang on to the detri­ment of my blad­der.

The sur­geon that op­er­ated on me said the blad­der had swollen up like a bal­loon. The trou­ble is it wouldn’t de­flate like a nor­mal bal­loon.

She said that it would never re­turn to a nor­mal size. I am one of the lucky ones. I only have to insert a catheter (a long length of plas­tic tub­ing that is hol­low in­side) once a day. The un­lucky peo­ple have to insert it three times a day.

I urge all your ma­cho truck­ies out there to lis­ten to your blad­der and stop when you feel the need to have a pee. Lyall Pritchard, Bracken Ridge, Qld

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