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A rea­son­able per­son might think an of­fer to set the record straight about just how Road Safety Re­mu­ner­a­tion Tri­bunal (RSRT) cash has been doled out would be jumped at. Not so in the of­fice of Darren Ch­ester.

Per­haps it’s to do with the dis­dain the Coali­tion ap­pears to view al­most any­thing em­a­nat­ing from South Aus­tralia, given the likes of SARTA and the SAFC have been do­ing a lot of the ques­tion­ing. (If so, it’s a bit tough given SARTA did so much to help Ch­ester raise his pro­file dur­ing the anti-RSRT cam­paign.)

Maybe, with Na­tion­als leader Barn­aby Joyce send­ing the Aus­tralian Pes­ti­cides and Ve­teri­nary Medicines Author­ity to his own elec­torate at an es­ti­mated cost of $26.5 mil­lion, such queries are best ig­nored as po­lit­i­cal flacks hope at­ten­tion just goes away.

Per­haps the said flacks are just too fraz­zled and over­worked to get around to ev­ery­thing and stuff falls through the cracks, de­spite re­peated re­minders. Still, that could well be the strains of ‘Si­lence is Golden’ play­ing down the grassy flanks of Par­lia­ment.

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