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Ge­off Lew­ing­ton’s re­stored 1976 Ken­worth K123 was a local favourite at the Crawlin’ the Hume breakfast at Al­bury Race­course on Sun­day, April 15.

Back in 1976, Ge­off drove the K123 for his fam­ily’s busi­ness, Lew­ing­ton’s Wodonga. It was the first new Ken­worth pur­chased by Lew­ing­ton’s.

“I drove it cart­ing live­stock be­tween [Wodonga], Queens­land and South Aus­tralia – all over New South and Vic­to­ria,” Ge­off says.

Af­ter 12 months in the K123, Ge­off moved into op­er­a­tions to help man­age the busi­ness with his brother Barry. Their em­ploy­ees carted live­stock with the K123 for many years, and later the truck worked lo­cally around Al­bury-Wodonga.

Lew­ing­ton’s went into re­ceiver­ship in 2004 and the com­pany was pur­chased by Ron Finemore. To­day, Ge­off op­er­ates JRB Haulage, which carts gen­eral freight on the East Coast.

He be­gan restor­ing the old Ken­worth K123 about five years ago. Roy­ans and Twin City Truck Cen­tre both worked on the truck.

Sign writer Gor­don McCracken painted the fi­nal brush­stroke a cou­ple of weeks be­fore Crawlin’ the Hume.

Gor­don had been Lew­ing­ton’s sign writer from the 1980s through un­til 2004. Ge­off says tak­ing the truck over Pretty Sally “brought back a few old mem­o­ries”.

“Back in the 1970s this was one of the best trucks on the road. But they’ve come a long way since them days,” Ge­off says, com­par­ing the K123 to the small fleet of K200s JRB Haulage runs to­day. Ge­off en­joyed catch­ing up with for­mer Lew­ing­ton’s driv­ers. He even bumped into a few who had driven the K123 dur­ing their years with the com­pany.

Top: Ge­off Lew­ing­ton has re­stored the 1976 Ken­worth K123 which he drove in the 1970s

Be­low: The K123 (right) was the first new Ken­worth pur­chased by Lew­ing­ton’s Wodonga

Right: The in­te­rior of Ge­off Lew­ing­ton’s Ken­worth is al­most as good as new

Above: Ge­off is proud to have his 1976 Ken­worth K123 back on the road

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