Kath Broughton

Papercraft Inspirations - - PRINTABLES -

Q How did you make your fab­u­lous card? A

Firstly, I made a box card, which I dec­o­rated with the printable pa­pers. For the back panel, I fussy cut out the large Christ­mas tree and stuck it on. I then fussy cut other el­e­ments and stuck them onto the tree. For the cen­tral el­e­ments, I fussy cut the de­signs and stuck them onto ac­etate strips.

Q Do you have any tips for us­ing ac­etate? A

When at­tach­ing printable de­signs on ac­etate to your box card, try to stag­ger the el­e­ments so they sit higher at the back and lower at the front to get an even pop-up ef­fect! I think this could be given to a child or adult, as ei­ther would find it fun.

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