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Papercraft Inspirations - - CARD FOLDING -

This ver­sa­tile card con­tains a hid­den slid­ing sur­prise, and can be eas­ily adapted for any spe­cial oc­ca­sion

Cut white card into a 28.5x11.5cm strip,


25x9cm strip and 7cm square (see tem­plate). Score the largest strip at 9.5 and

19cm, fold the right panel over the cen­tre one, then the left panel over to en­close. Score down the medium strip at 8.5cm and

17cm and fold over as be­fore.

Open up the large strip. Work­ing on the

2 right-end panel only, mea­sure at 2.5cm in from score line. Cut a slit ver­ti­cal slit from

1.5cm to fin­ish at 7.5cm. Re­peat at the other side of the right-end panel so you have two slits down one end panel. Now take the medium strip. Work­ing on the right-end panel only, cut two slits as be­fore but cut the ver­ti­cal slit from 1.5 to 6cm (see tem­plate).

Cut two 1.5x8cm pa­per strips. Take one

3 of the card pieces with slits and slot a pa­per strip through the two slits, so the ends of the pa­per go through to the back. Turn over and fold the two ends in­wards to se­cure the strips in place. Re­peat with the other card piece.

Dec­o­rate the 7cm white card square.


Take the medium card piece and add dou­ble-sided tape onto the long piece that’s show­ing on the slot­ted pa­per strip. Push the strip down to the bot­tom of the slits, care­fully line up the dec­o­rated square so it’s just above the top edge of the slot­ted panel, and press down to at­tach it cen­trally to the pa­per strip. Fold the right-end panel across the cen­tre square. Add tape on the left of the left-hand panel, fold the panel over onto the cen­tre panel and press down to seal. Do the same with the largest card piece, adding tape to the pa­per strip as be­fore but this time adding the medium panel, care­fully lin­ing up be­fore fold­ing over and seal­ing. Re­mem­ber to keep all the seams at the back.

Stamp and colour a flower and leaves

5 onto a 7.5cm white card square. Layer onto an 8cm green card square. Add to the cen­tre panel, us­ing glue so you can slide the de­sign so it goes inside the open­ing. Layer

8.5x10.5cm of pat­terned pa­per onto 9x11cm of green card. Add to card front. Add an em­bossed white card strip and top with a stamped, coloured and die-cut rose. Punch a hole in the small top card square and thread with sheer white rib­bon. Dec­o­rate the largest panel with ad­he­sive pearls to fin­ish.

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