Make your­self at home

Cre­ate per­son­alised cards and gifts – like this 3D sofa – with Brother’s ver­sa­tile and easyto-use Scan N Cut ma­chine

Papercraft Inspirations - - HOME STYLE -


1 Scan the tem­plates into your Scan N Cut ma­chine and cut as fol­lows:

• Main struc­ture: 2 draw­ers,

2 drawer sleeves, 1 drawer en­clo­sure, 2 sofa arms, 2 seat backs, 1 sofa sup­port tray piece and joint­ing strips as re­quired, from yel­low card

• Dec­o­ra­tive pan­els: 4 arm pan­els (2 left and 2 right),

2 seat back pan­els, 1 seat base panel, from yel­low card

• Scat­ter cush­ions:

4 cush­ions, from cream card If you wish to add faux stitch­ing to the dec­o­ra­tive pan­els, sim­ply se­lect ‘shape’ when you have scanned them in, click ‘off­set’ on the ‘edit’ panel, se­lect ‘in­ward’ and ad­just the size to 3mm. Se­lect a ‘draw­ing’ line then choose a dashed line pat­tern from the drop-down menu. Use the red colour pen in the pen holder to draw the stitch­ing on a piece, then swap to the blade to cut it out (you will be prompted on screen).

If you wish to add the line em­boss­ing to the back seat and seat base pan­els, fol­low the in­struc­tions in your em­boss­ing starter kit to ac­ti­vate the em­boss­ing func­tion. Se­lect one of the pre-in­stalled em­boss­ing pat­terns (the quilted pat­tern LE_E01 has been used in the ex­am­ple pic­tured), bear­ing in mind you might need to ad­just the size of the de­sign to fit the shape of the card. Em­boss us­ing the 1.5mm sty­lus. To cre­ate left and right ver­sions of shapes, sim­ply flip the tem­plate in the ma­chine or Can­vas soft­ware.

2 Score and fold an arm piece and join the sides to­gether with the joint­ing strip, us­ing clear dry­ing glue or dou­blesided tape to at­tach the strips with the tabs to the out­side. As­sem­ble the other arm and seat back in the same way.

3 Score and fold the two draw­ers, glu­ing the tabs to cre­ate two drawer trays. Score and fold the drawer sleeves and ad­here the end panel to cre­ate a slip case for the drawer to slide into.

4 Score and fold the drawer en­clo­sure piece and at­tach the two draw­ers so that the piece en­closes the back of the draw­ers and sand­wiches them se­curely, with the front open for the draw­ers to open.

5 Score and fold the sofa sup­port tray. Ad­here the drawer sec­tion into the bot­tom cen­tre panel, lin­ing it up with the shape. Ad­here the dec­o­ra­tive arm pan­els to the arms, then add these to ei­ther side of the drawer sec­tion on the sup­port tray. You’ll need to add glue or dou­ble-sided tape to the inside of the arm pieces as well as the bot­tom to se­cure them in place.

6 At­tach the dec­o­ra­tive seat base to the top of the drawer sec­tion, care­fully lin­ing up flush with front edge.

7 At­tach the dec­o­ra­tive seat back by ap­ply­ing ad­he­sive to the bot­tom and slid­ing it into place. To se­cure, add dou­blesided tape and glue to the back panel of the sup­port tray, fold up and at­tach to the back of the seat. For ex­tra sup­port, an­other piece of yel­low card can be ad­hered across the back.

8 Scan the cush­ion shape into your Scan N Cut ma­chine. To add the sen­ti­ment, sim­ply se­lect ‘text’ and choose a font. Type the words you want, ‘group’ them and then re­size so they’ll fit onto the cen­tre of the cush­ion. If you want the words to be filled with colour (rather than just an out­line), click ‘prop­er­ties’ and se­lect the ‘fill’ func­tion. Send the cush­ion de­sign to draw first, then cut be­fore un­load­ing the mat. Take a plain cush­ion piece as the back, glue the tabs to cre­ate a tray, pop some tis­sue pa­per in if de­sired to fill the cush­ion, and at­tach the dec­o­rated front cush­ion piece, glu­ing to se­cure it to the back piece. To plump the cush­ions and make them more real­is­tic, sim­ply pinch and squeeze in the cor­ners.

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