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• If re­siz­ing a project, don’t for­get to se­lect all your items and ‘group’ them to­gether first so they all re­size to­gether.

• Do a test cut first to check the blade is cutting through the card. Don’t panic if the pieces haven’t cut prop­erly – sim­ply press ‘cut’ again on your ma­chine and it will re­peat the ac­tion in the same place. It’s bet­ter to cut twice than in­crease the blade when cutting tex­tured or coated card­stocks as it gives a cleaner cut.

When adding faux stitch­ing, let the ma­chine draw first, leav­ing in-situ on the mat and then re­send the mat through for it to cut the shapes.

When adding line em­boss­ing, al­low the ma­chine to draw any faux stitch­ing first, then cut the shape, re­move it and place on the em­boss­ing mat, and line em­boss as the last step.

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