Papercraft Inspirations : 2018-12-05



MASTERCLASS 3 2 1 7 8 9 62 Papercraft Die cut a circle of watercolour card approx. 12cm in diameter. Blend Spiced Marmalade and Picked Raspberry Distress Oxide Inks over the surface until it is fully coloured. Splash with a little water and blot. Next, spritz your leaf stamp lightly. Stamp and hold for a few seconds, then lift. Blot off the water to reveal a ‘ghost’ stamp. Repeat around the card. Take your sequin waste, spritz, then use as a stamp. Use a piece of copy paper or paper towel to press it down, then lift away. Blot the image to reveal a pattern on the inked surface. Blend Cracked Pistachio and Lucky Clover inks on watercolour card. Splash, blot and dry. Ink stamp leaves in Lucky Clover and leave to dry. Mist with water then blot to blur. Cut out. Blend Wilted Violet and Shaded Lilac on watercolour card. Splash, spritz, blot and dry. Die cut butterflies from the card. Die cut the base layer butterflies from white card. Create the easel bases from 6x6 card blanks. Use a die larger than the inked circle each time, overlap the card base’s fold and die cut. Die cut a complete circle from card. Repeat for all 3 bases. * * * * * * *

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