How to... Make a magic colour card

Bring this T-rex skele­ton back from ex­tinc­tion with a pull tab!

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Layer a 14cm square lime card over a 14.5cm square teal card and a 15cm square white card blank. Trim foot­print paper 13.5cm square, round it with a cor­ner punch then layer on top. 2

Trim a piece of fo­liage paper 15x3.5cm then layer cen­trally on 15x4cm teal card. Wrap black rib­bon across the mid­dle then at­tach on top of the other lay­ers, 2cm from the bot­tom.


Make a 10x20cm lime card blank. Die cut an

8cm square through one half. At­tach a di­nosaur im­age as shown. Run 3mm of dou­ble-sided tape along the sides and base of the di­nosaur im­age. 4 Trim ac­etate 10cm square, lay over the skele­ton im­age then af­fix with craft tape. Trace the im­age in thin per­ma­nent marker pen. At­tach the im­age be­hind the aper­ture, aligned with the di­nosaur. 5 Cut a 9cm long slit in the cen­tral fold of the lime card. Trim white card 8.5cm square and round off the cor­ners. Cre­ate a pull tag with a hole in it, thread with rib­bon, and stick to the white card. 6

Feed the tag through the slit in the lime card so that the white card cov­ers the di­nosaur. Seal the card in­side the frame with the tape placed in step 3. Mat and layer the birth­day sen­ti­ment.


At­tach the pull tab el­e­ment to the card front. Fussy cut your fo­liage, then at­tach it and the sen­ti­ment bot­tom-right of the frame with sticky foam pads. Fin­ish with but­tons in the cor­ners.

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