Sally Sears

Papercraft Inspirations - - INKING -

Q What did you use to cre­ate your fab de­signs? A

I made a sten­cil by us­ing a piece of ac­etate, and cut it into curves for clouds, and spikey tri­an­gles for grass. Us­ing ac­etate will help the ink slide off onto the card. I worked the clouds from the bot­tom up­wards, and for the grass I made the blades light­est at the top, and darker at the bot­tom.

Q Do you have any tips for us­ing a sten­cil? A

Turn your sten­cil over for a var­ied ef­fect, but don’t for­get to clean it be­fore reusing! Work your ink into a sponge first on a mat; egg-shaped make-up sponges are cheap and great for ink­ing. Re­mem­ber, cre­ativ­ity doesn’t have to be ac­cu­rate!

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