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Look­ing af­ter lefties with some good choices for mice


A mbidex­trous mice have be­come a bit of a rar­ity these days. With most righthanded users pre­fer­ring a mouse shaped specif­i­cally for that hand, and with lefties only mak­ing up around 10 per cent of the pop­u­la­tion, the mar­ket for them is lim­ited. Be­ing left-handed isn’t the only rea­son to go for such a mouse though. Some peo­ple, pre­fer the fit of an ambidextrous in the palm of their hand.

Either way, while your op­tions might be lim­ited, the same isn’t true of the per­for­mance on of­fer. All the mice in this group test fea­ture highly ca­pa­ble op­ti­cal sen­sors, mul­ti­ple but­tons, pre­cisely en­gi­neered er­gonomics and a cou­ple even have full RGB light­ing.

We’re look­ing for a com­fort­able shape that needs to be as univer­sal as pos­si­ble when it comes to mouse grip styles. Af­ter all, while many man­u­fac­tur­ers have sev­eral right-handed mice op­ti­mised for dif­fer­ent grip types, most have just one ambidextrous model.

Styling and build qual­ity are also im­por­tant. None of these mice is go­ing to easily fall apart, but pre­mium soft­touch fin­ishes, rub­ber pad­ding and tightly fit­ted but­tons will af­fect com­fort. Mean­while, qual­ity ca­bles, glide pads and ex­tra but­tons all help to en­sure the mouse fits smoothly into your ev­ery­day com­put­ing life.

Then, of course, there’s the sen­sor. We seem to have gone full cir­cle when it comes to sen­sor pref­er­ence, with op­ti­cal sen­sors be­ing the pre­ferred choice for many, af­ter sev­eral years of mouse mak­ers push­ing to­wards laser sen­sors. This is pri­mar­ily be­cause lasers have trou­ble with soft mouse mats. The light pen­e­trates the por­ous sur­face, which can con­fuse the sen­sor, lead­ing to less ac­cu­rate track­ing and a ten­dency for the pointer to move when the mouse is sta­tion­ary.

Soft­ware is also key, ideally of­fer­ing a com­pre­hen­sive range of ad­just­ments – in­clud­ing lift height, sen­si­tiv­ity and polling rate – but re­main rel­a­tively light­weight and easy to nav­i­gate. Any soft­ware that’s too bloated or lack­ing in fea­tures can in­stantly re­duce the ap­peal of a mouse.

Per­for­mance test­ing was achieved sim­ply by us­ing each mouse for sev­eral hours for desk­top work and gam­ing.

As with build qual­ity, at this price there are few truly aw­ful mice when it comes to track­ing, but the very best can still some­times feel just a lit­tle more re­spon­sive and ac­cu­rate.

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