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Do my eyes de­ceive me or is this a cord­less vac­uum cleaner that hasn’t been de­signed by an English guy who hates bags? Yes, the F8 does in­deed seem to be a “high per­for­mance” cord­less vac from a Dif­fer­ent Man­u­fac­turer. And that man­u­fac­turer is the Chi­nese mega­cor­po­ra­tion, Xiaomi.


Well, the fact it isn’t a Dyson and so costs about a third of what a Dyson costs, is right up there. It has 18.5 kilo­pas­cals of cen­trifu­gal air pres­sure, ac­cord­ing to the mar­keters who seem not to know how those words are sup­posed to go to­gether. But who cares? It’s white! Oh and it prob­a­bly vac­u­ums rea­son­ably well.


The F8 is sup­pos­edly pow­ered by a Sam­sung Li-Ion bat­tery but let’s be hon­est here: it’s go­ing to wear out in a year, max. And like the Dyson vacs, the bumf all says “55 min­utes vac­uum time!” but when you get to the small print it ad­mits yeah okay, only 10 min­utes on “max mode” which is what any­one with an ac­tu­ally dirty house needs.

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