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Some peo­ple think the trauma of hav­ing a beloved dog, um, com­plete its life cycle is a valu­able ex­pe­ri­ence and helps chil­dren, es­pe­cially, process your own in­evitable death. On the other hand, you could do what­ever weird thing it takes to lessen that pain.


We just want to make it very clear that a Cud­dle Clone is not made from the skin of your real dog. It’s a toy in the shape of your dog’s breed with a coat pat­terned us­ing pho­to­graphs of the skin of your real dog. Or guinea pig, rab­bit, cat, horse or “etc”.


The re­sults of each cud­dly clone are best de­scribed as “fun” and you can to­tally tell they look kind of like your dog if you make your dog pose for a photo with the clone and you match up all the blotches or what­ever. Af­ter your dear old dog has passed on though, hav­ing to con­stantly ex­plain to vis­i­tors that no, the toy is not made from the ac­tual skin of your dog and is there­fore not your old dog’s stuffed corpse, would get pretty tire­some.

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