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You know how you can snap a shot on your mo­bile phone and then fid­dle around for hours with fil­ters un­til you get some­thing that looks pretty much ex­actly like a photo taken by a 1970s au­teur? Wouldn’t it be bet­ter if you could do all that with the added ex­pense and in­con­ve­nience of an ac­tual 4x5 large-for­mat cam­era? But also with­out the ex­pense and in­con­ve­nience of hav­ing to buy a 4x5 large-for­mat cam­era? Do we sound con­fused? This isn’t con­fu­sion. This is ART.


Drew Nikonow­icz (se­ri­ously, I know) claims to have spent “sev­eral years now” work­ing on a 3D-printed 4x5 kit that you print and as­sem­ble your­self. Nikonow­icz says he de­signed the kit to be print­able on a con­sumer-grade printer, with all other bits and bobs avail­able at his weird US equiv­a­lent of Bun­nings. Of course, be­cause Kick­starter, he’ll sell you a full kit in­clud­ing the fid­dly bel­lows in a range of colours, for US$350.


A large-for­mat cam­era of­fers no less than 15 times the res­o­lu­tion of a 35mm cam­era for no more than 1500 times the stuff­ing around. If you know what you’re do­ing. Film? For­get about it. You need to use 4x5 PLATES. And you need a dark­room. And not be al­ler­gic to all those chem­i­cals. Oh and the cam­era doesn’t come with a lens or tri­pod.

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