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Do you hate the tem­per­a­ture? Not any par­tic­u­lar tem­per­a­ture, just the way you can’t con­trol it ev­ery sec­ond of your day, es­pe­cially when you go (shud­der) out­side? Coolala do we have a so­lu­tion for you!


Is that stylish carry-on lug­gage with stain­less-steel ac­cents? No! It’s a por­ta­ble air-con­di­tioner - a so­lar-pow­ered por­ta­ble air­con­di­tioner! It’s not an evap-cooler, it has real re­frig­er­ant. Well, Coolala is only pre­pared to de­clare it “ozone-friendly rotary com­pres­sion re­frig­er­ant” but that sounds like it prob­a­bly isn’t that car­cino­genic, right? Out­side, you can cool your lala via so­lar pan­els, a “Power Sta­tion” bat­tery, or even just an ex­ten­sion cord if you can’t even (sic).


None of the power sys­tems are ac­tu­ally built into the Coolala. It looks hand-lug­gage size, but that’s with­out the to­tally sep­a­rate Power Sta­tion or the fold­ing so­lar panel. Also, since it’s full of re­frig­er­ant un­der com­pres­sion, you can’t take it on a plane, which is prob­a­bly ironic on some level. Or maybe not. There’s also this weird bit on their Indiegogo page that de­clares “stretch hose length 13-43 inches” with no other con­text... which seems omi­nous.

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