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None of us fore­saw that the graph­ics card would be­come a ver­sa­tile su­per­com­puter of sorts, out-per­form­ing the CPU in many ap­pli­ca­tions and can now be used to make ac­tual money. Nvidia in­tro­duced the GPU in the form of 1999’s GeForce 256, and at the time we mocked the self-im­por­tance of a graph­ics card that car­ried the same nam­ing con­ven­tion of the ac­tu­ally-im­por­tant CPU. But here we are to­day, where these things con­sume a signi cant por­tion of the world’s en­ergy do­ing any­thing but ren­der­ing games or the Win­dow’s desk­top.

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