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Gmail is pop­u­lar for both per­sonal and pro­fes­sional use, and we haven’t found a gen­uine con­tender that we would rec­om­mend in its place. But we have found some­thing that ar­guably im­proves it, turn­ing it into a more modern com­mu­ni­ca­tion tool.

Email re­mains in­dis­pens­able, but col­lab­o­ra­tion ser­vices such as Slack and Mi­crosoft Teams are def­i­nitely nib­bling away at the edges, re­plac­ing much of the com­mu­ni­ca­tions trac that used to end up on emails cc’ed around the oce.

Red­kix (red­ aims to de­liver the best of both worlds – if not en­tirely suc­cess­fully. You log in with your work email ac­count (it sup­ports Gmail, Oce 365 and Ex­change) and are pre­sented with an in­ter­face that will look in­stantly fa­mil­iar to users of Slack or Teams.

You can ac­cess your in­box and cal­en­dar as nor­mal us­ing the rel­e­vant links, but the in­ter­est­ing stu† hap­pens down below. Col­leagues can be cob­bled to­gether into Groups and then sent a mes­sage – the equiv­a­lent of cc’ing them in – but the cru­cial part is that they don’t have to have signed up for Red­kix to re­spond. They just see it as an email ar­riv­ing from you and can re­ply back from their reg­u­lar in­box. You see the replies ar­riv­ing as a threaded con­ver­sa­tion in Red­kix. The same ap­plies to di­rect mes­sages sent to a sin­gle per­son.

Where it starts to fall down is when those col­leagues are sent a group email and can’t see who else is in the group with­out click­ing a dis­creet link at the foot of the mes­sage. The other re­spon­dents aren’t in­cluded in the To or CC fields, but do get to see the re­ply. We can see that lead­ing to all sorts of in­ad­ver­tent faux pas, when some­one replies to an email sent ap­par­ently from only you and ends up re­ply­ing to the group in­stead.

Red­kix will ap­peal to those who hate deal­ing with a reg­u­lar email in­box and are born Slack­ers; just be­ware of its po­ten­tial per­ils for oce pol­i­tics.

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