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Me­chan­i­cal key­boards took PC gamers by storm a few years ago, and are now de rigueur for any­one se­ri­ous about their PC. Su­pe­rior travel and re­sis­tance! Awe­some click­ing noises! En­hanced dura­bil­ity, maybe? And many other bene ts like... uh... But in all this ex­cite­ment about me­chan­i­cal key­boards, we for­got some­thing. The hum­ble cal­cu­la­tor.


Don’t you wish your cal­cu­la­tor, that you to­tally use ev­ery day and is a su­per im­por­tant and es­sen­tial tool for what­ever it is you do, had me­chan­i­cal keys like your key­board? LoFree heard you, and built this. The Digit is in­deed a cal­cu­la­tor with a me­chan­i­cal key­pad. It uses Gateron me­chan­i­cal switches and, ac­cord­ing to Digit, is “all you need to com­pute all your ba­sic cal­cu­la­tions.”


Yes it’s a $30 cal­cu­la­tor with con­sid­er­ably less func­tion­al­ity than the free soft­ware cal­cu­la­tor on your phone. And the free cal­cu­la­tor in Win­dows. And the one Google puts at the top of the search for “on­line cal­cu­la­tor” which gives “about 724,000,000 re­sults”. But of course, none of those have me­chan­i­cal keys.

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