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Mostly, the RGB phe­nom­e­non has been all about mak­ing things look daz­zling, very few ap­pli­ca­tions uti­lize the ad­dress­able light­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties for use­ful pur­poses. Many in­te­grated sys­tems like Asus Aura Sync can be used to show light­ing colour or in­ten­sity based on CPU load, so that’s handy.

The ROG Aura Ter­mi­nal is de­signed to take the light­ing out­side your box, and do so in a beau­ti­fully unique way. You see, it can cast the colours you are watch­ing in a game (or me­dia) back against the wall the PC is sit­ting against. Philips threw a sim­i­lar tech­nol­ogy into the TV mar­ket many years ago and the faith­ful swear by it. The idea is that you, of course, aren’t re­ally look­ing at the colours be­hind the screen be­cause you’re fo­cused on the screen it­self, but they ll your pe­riph­eral vi­sion and cre­ate an il­lu­sion of a far greater area of im­mer­sion.

It works. In FPS and driv­ing game test­ing there’s a won­der­ful sense that you’re part of a big­ger, all-en­com­pass­ing world. It’s con­trolled by the Ter­mi­nal box, which con­nects via USB. Off it hang LED strips from four chan­nels. Each chan­nel can han­dle strips of up to 90 LEDs, and Asus sup­ply a pair of 30cm strips for the sides of your mon­i­tor, and a longer 60cm strip for the top. Us­ing the Halo soft­ware you as­sign which area of the game screen you want beam­ing out and it’s gran­u­lar enough to give a very pre­cise ren­di­tion of the screen area – so blue skies, trees, ex­plo­sions, all feel like they’re em­a­nat­ing beyond the screen. Also gran­u­lar is the de­tail. Be­cause the strips have LEDs roughly 2cm apart the de­tail can be impressive.

It’s sim­ple to setup, and it takes the data di­rectly from the GPU so games don’t need to be ‘sup­ported’. It can also be used to shine the usual RGB pret­ties when not beam­ing game data, so cycling waves, etc.

It’s a very clever way to big-up your gam­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. Works best in a dark­ened room, and with a clear wall rel­a­tively close be­hind the screen.


Aura Sync • USB 2 in­ter­face • 4 chan­nels; up to 90 LEDs ad­dress­able per chan­nel

$179 •

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