These days, gam­ing mice are more com­mon than their real-life name­sakes in a di­lap­i­dated house made of cheese. From what I’ve ex­pe­ri­enced from dozens of mice over the years, there aren’t sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ences be­tween the ma­jor brands. There are some key things to bear in mind, though. For in­stance, there are mice that are better fits for the core three grips: palm, claw, and fin­ger­tip. While these grips can be used across dif­fer­ent gam­ing mice, the av­er­age mouse is built for palm; shorter ones are a better fit for claw; while flat­ter, lighter mice suit fin­ger­tip grips.

Cer­tain gam­ing mice are also tar­geted at spe­cific gen­res. A mouse with a lot of but­tons, for in­stance, is a better fit for the StarCrafts, Dota 2s, and World of War­crafts of the gam­ing world. A mouse with a hand­ful of but­tons is likely tar­geted at shooter fans, par­tic­u­larly if it has a scroll wheel that can be tog­gled be­tween tac­tile and loose, as well as but­tons for dy­nam­i­cally ad­just­ing the sen­si­tiv­ity. Shooter­centric mice may also in­clude ad­justable weight sys­tems to help per­son­alise the feel.

Re­mem­ber that high DPI isn’t ev­ery­thing – and can re­ally mess with lower sen­si­tiv­i­ties – but the op­tion to scale up is good for high­ersen­si­tiv­ity play­ers. Polling rate, which is the mouse equiv­a­lent of a mon­i­tor’s re­fresh rate, is im­por­tant, though: look for a big­ger num­ber.

For those who’ve al­ready read my Of Mice and Frags ar­ti­cle, you’ll know I rock a Log­itech G900 mouse in wire­less mode. Purist shooter fans in par­tic­u­lar swear by wired mice, and it’s un­der­stand­able why, given the shady, move­ment-skip­ping his­tory of wire­less mice. The G900 de­liv­ers on the prom­ise of wire­lessly play­ing like a wired mouse, though, and I haven’t gone back. This also means I don’t have to worry about things like using USB ex­ten­sion ca­bles to en­sure my wired mouse ca­ble isn’t snag­ging or catch­ing at the bot­tom of my mouse pad.

DPI isn’t ev­ery­thing but look for a mouse with a high polling rate

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