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Dear reader, we have some im­por­tant news for you. PC Pow­er­Play’s pub­lish­ing sched­ule is chang­ing in 2018. Now, there will be seven is­sues of the mag­a­zine each year, be­ing five reg­u­lar is­sues plus the pop­u­lar Tech Spe­cial, which is pub­lished in July, and the Tech Hand­book, the lat­est of which is on sale now. Af­ter this is­sue, the next reg­u­lar is­sue of PC Pow­er­Play will be is­sue 271 and that’s on sale on May the 17th.

Since 1995 PCPP has been pub­lish­ing more than a dozen is­sues a year, and with the suc­cess of the PC Pow­er­Play site, as well as our reg­u­lar com­mu­nity events, our fo­cus must fully em­brace these, too. You can trust us to keep up the qual­ity, wit and wis­dom of the iconic mag­a­zine you hold now, and en­joy even more at www.pcpow­er­

As we fondly bid farewell to the also-iconic Daniel Wilks, we wel­come to the helm as Ed­i­tor David Holling­worth, whose words on gam­ing have been as sharp, pre­cise and amus­ing as his best PUBG head­shot. Me­dia evolves, and we have a new PC Pow­er­Play uni­verse that we hope you love as much as ever.

If you are a sub­scriber, be as­sured that you will re­ceive all the is­sues in the term to which you have sub­scribed – just over an ex­tended pe­riod of time. In­stead of a 13 is­sue sub­scrip­tion de­liv­er­ing monthly copies to you through 12 months you will re­ceive the same 13 is­sues over 22 months on a roughly bi-monthly fre­quency. New sub­scrip­tion rates are pub­lished in this is­sue, and on­line at

my­ (from 22/3/18). You will con­tinue be con­tacted as your sub­scrip­tion ap­proaches ex­piry and in­vited to re-sub­scribe on the new rates.

If you have any ques­tions re­gard­ing your sub­scrip­tion the cus­tomer ser­vice team can be con­tacted dur­ing Syd­ney of­fice hours on 1300 361 146, or via email: sub­[email protected]­

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