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No mat­ter how se­ri­ously you take your sim rac­ing craft, the tran­si­tion to a full cock­pit marks the at­tain­ment of ul­ti­mate Zen rac­ing cred­i­bil­ity. I jest of course, but for me, and those who have, it cer­tainly feels that way. You may only play rac­ing sims once a week, or less fre­quently, so it’s very easy to ra­tio­nalise just driv­ing at your desk, but there comes a point where you know sim rac­ing is a true love of yours, and that’s the time to jump in and not put this off; you will only re­gret not do­ing it sooner if you de­lay.

A ‘cock­pit’ can be a $200 pedal and wheel stand like the Next Level Rac­ing Wheel Stand Lite , or the slightly more ro­bust Trak Racer FS3 for $280 . A full frame and seat can be had for around $400, such as the DXRacer Combo 200 , or the pop­u­lar Next Level Rac­ing GT Pro V2 for $575. Closer to $1,000 buys you a very solidly built cock­pit with a big comfy seat like the $900 Next Level Rac­ing GT Ul­ti­mate V2, which is where you start to see op­tions for adding flight sim sup­port (this one has a $89 op­tional ex­tra at­tach­ments for your HOTAS gear).

Un­for­tu­nately Play­seat, one of the lead­ers in this scene with nice gear and a big range, doesn’t have an Aus­tralian distrib­u­tor - but if you hear that’s changed def­i­nitely take a look!

Many of the Next Level Rac­ing cock­pits can also be up­graded with a full mo­tion plat­form. The com­pany’s Rac­ing Mo­tion Sim­u­la­tor Plat­form V3 is very highly re­garded and is a com­pact unit that at­taches to the base. It’s some­thing you can start with­out and per­haps add later, and while it’s not cheap at $3,999, it’s a so­phis­ti­cated sys­tem with su­per-fast hy­draulics sim­u­lat­ing six de­grees of move­ment that can han­dle a heavy rig and racer. Stand-alone rigs built around mo­tion gen­er­ally start at well over $10,000, for some per­spec­tive on why this is ac­tu­ally a good deal.

I chose the Next Level Rac­ing F1 GT for my rig. It ticked all of my boxes and then some, with just a cou­ple of draw­backs. Be­fore I ex­plain why, let’s look at why you would want a sim cock­pit in the first place, in­stead of just us­ing your desk.

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