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A few wheels and some lovely ped­als Un­like Log­itech or Thrust­mas­ter, the Fanatec ecosys­tem is built around its bases, to which you then buy and at­tach sep­a­rate wheels. This is more ex­pen­sive, but much bet­ter for the en­thu­si­ast that may want a cou­ple of - or a few! - wheels in their col­lec­tion. There are cur­rently 13 wheels in the range and we’ll take a close look at the most pop­u­lar here.

As be­fore, we won’t dwell on wor­ries like cost be­cause this sim rac­ing. That said, by far the most pop­u­lar wheel is the For­mula and it’s ab­so­lutely good enough to use that and that alone. All Fanatec wheels come with a beau­ti­fully en­gi­neered quick-re­lease mech­a­nism and you can hotswap a wheel in a few sec­onds. That’s chang­ing with the in­tro­duc­tion of the new McLaren GT3 wheel, which ships with a much sim­pler and cheaper at­tach­ment de­vice. It still only takes a cou­ple of min­utes to re­move the wheel so no big deal and it helps keep the price down. You can still buy the orig­i­nal quick re­lease mech­a­nism and at­tach that to any wheel with the ba­sic sys­tem for $150.

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