BMW Wheel

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Price $ 399

Along with the For­mula, this was the first wheel re­lease from Fanatec and many peo­ple bought one - me in­cluded. It’s a proper replica and quite large with a 40cm di­am­e­ter. For rally games it’s fan­tas­tic, you just can’t get the same level of con­trol with a smaller For­mula wheel and its forced and fixed hand po­si­tions. The gear shifters are set quite a way back and you re­ally need to reach out with your fin­ger­tips to change gear, be­ing the only neg­a­tive. With a fat rim it’s a treat to wres­tle around and de­spite its size it’s still lightweight which is good for FFB trans­mis­sion and gen­eral car chuck­a­bil­ity (is that a word? -Ed).

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