CSL Elite McLaren GT3

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Price $ 259

Brand new, and po­ten­tially the best buy of the whole range. It’s part of the lower tier CLS Elite range, yet to­gether with the op­tional Quick Re­lease that the For­mula ships with, is ac­tu­ally $110 more. It’s an of­fi­cial replica of McLaren’s wheel from its 650 GT3 car and Fanatec used McLaren’s own CAD files to cre­ate it, so it’s mil­lime­ter-per­fect. The big win there is er­gonomics – this feels un­real to hold. The grips are molded beau­ti­fully and the size is ab­so­lutely bang-on – larger than the For­mula while smaller than the BMW and most of the other fully round wheels. This re­ally is the wheel to start with if you’re mov­ing to the Fanatec ecosys­tem, and can po­ten­tially be the only wheel you ever need.

Un­like all other Fanatec wheels its gear pad­dles are of a sin­gle metal piece, so as you press down on one side the other moves in the op­po­site di­rec­tion. It’s of no con­se­quence and if McLaren do it that way it must be good. Throw is very short - much shorter than the other wheels - and it’s quite fan­tas­tic slam­ming up and down the gears rapidly.

But the re­ally cool and unique ad­di­tion is the pair of ana­logue pad­dles be­neath the shifters. They’re multi-pur­pose and can be mapped as but­tons, used as ac­cel­er­a­tor and brake (and for peo­ple that don’t have the use of their legs this is as far as I know the only so­lu­tion al­low­ing them to sim race!), or they can be used as a For­mula 1-style launch con­trol, where you pre-set your car’s clutch bite point and on green, re­lease the pad­dles and your car rock­ets away.

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