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Mem­ory tech­nol­ogy hasn’t re­ally pro­gressed in re­cent years. DDR4 is still essen­tially the same DDR4 we saw last year, and will see again next year. That didn’t stop the mem­ory ven­dors from re­leas­ing a ton of new mod­els though, with RGB-flavoured mod­ules be­ing all the rage in ev­ery booth and in al­most ev­ery mod­ded sys­tem across the en­tire show floor.

The GeIl Su­per Luce RGB Sync looked amaz­ing with its white RGB theme. Geil also showed a pro­to­type un­named mod­ule with a mir­ror like chrome fin­ish. Lovely!

G.Skill al­ways has a full range of mem­ory on dis­play, in­clud­ing this year the Tri­dent-X RGB Royal . It looks very sim­i­lar to other G.Skill RGB RAM but fea­tures a crys­talline cov­er­ing that has a shim­mer­ing ef­fect. It’s fast, too, with speeds of up to DDR4-4266.

Adata’s Spec­trix D80 with its wa­ter cool­ing op­tion looked amaz­ing, and it per­forms too. In fact Adata had sev­eral lovely XPG kits on dis­play.

We vis­ited Cru­cial to have a chat, and while it didn’t re­veal any­thing new, we did talk about the new TUF Gam­ing Al­liance. This is an Asus pro­gram that brings to­gether a lot of dif­fer­ent ven­dors to en­sure com­pat­i­bil­ity and match­ing aes­thet­ics.

Of course there’s the Cor­sair Vengeance Pro RGB mem­ory which com­bines speed with great looks and this is per­haps the one we ex­pect to have the great­est suc­cess.

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