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01 Over­watch Nerf Guns $TBA • Has­bro nerf.has­ Bliz­zard and Has­bro is not nec­es­sar­ily a duo we would have pic­tured to­gether but now that we’ve seen a cou­ple of im­ages of what they have planned, we’re to­tally okay with it. POW­ERED UP: An Over­watch line of Nerf guns – or at least, Reaper’s and D.Va’s guns so far, and we as­sume more will be re­vealed – are due for re­lease in 2019. They will be part of the Ri­val range from Nerf and will shoot squishy balls rather than the fa­mil­iar darts. We’re just die, die, dy­ing to play with them. PLAYED OUT: 2019 might be too long to wait. Also, the Ri­val line has never made it Aus­tralia be­fore…

02 Muster­brand Iron Man Cardi­gan $250 • Muster­brand www.muster­ It’s no se­cret we en­joy Muster­brand ap­parel. The well-de­signed threads with sub­tle nods to geek­ery that the folks there do so well keep us hang­ing to see the next piece. And here it is. POW­ERED UP: Fronting a new lineup of Marvel gear is this bur­gundy and gold “Iron Man” cardi­gan. Ap­pro­pri­ately coloured, the cot­ton cardi­gan has a rip­pled pat­tern that is rem­i­nis­cent of Tony Stark’s ar­moured suit. PLAYED OUT: As al­ways, Muster­brand gear would be more af­ford­able if you ac­tu­ally were Tony Stark.

03 Grav­ity In­dus­tries Jet Suit $610,000 • Grav­ity In­dus­tries A… erm… stark ac­com­pa­ni­ment (DAMMIT TER­RENCE!) to the Iron Man cardi­gan is this jet suit, which lit­er­ally en­ables a per­son to fly. POW­ERED UP: Two jet en­gines on each arm, one large one on the back, and a hel­met with holo­graphic HUD to dis­play all the vi­tal info to the user (no Jarvis in­te­gra­tion yet). Grav­ity In­dus­tries will take a cus­tom or­der so make sure to re­quest one in gold and bur­gundy. PLAYED OUT: You won’t ex­actly be do­ing in­ter­na­tional flights, and it looks a bit like fly­ing around with a bunch of Dyson vac­uum clean­ers strapped to your back and arms.

04 The Barisieur $650 • Barisieur Yes there are plenty of cof­fee ma­chines that can be set on a timer, but this is next level. POW­ERED UP: An alarm clock that makes you cof­fee. Your cof­fee (or tea) brews right next to your bed, the sound of bub­bling wa­ter, and aroma of your cho­sen bev­er­age gen­tly rous­ing you from slum­ber, cul­mi­nat­ing in a caf­feine hit within arm’s reach. PLAYED OUT: Co­hen’s Mas­ter­piece from Bioshock (the piano piece from that in­fa­mous “Al­le­gro! Al­le­gro!” scene) is a piece of mu­sic this writer can no longer en­joy, due to us­ing it as a morn­ing alarm tone, and slowly grow­ing to hate it, so there’s a pos­si­bil­ity you’ll train your­self to de­spise the sound, smell, and taste of cof­fee.

05 Koz­mo­phone $400 • Koz­mo­phone www.koz­mo­ Reach­ing its crowd fund­ing goal in un­der a day and set to ship this De­cem­ber, the Koz­mo­phone is a mod­ern take on the clas­sic gramo­phone or phono­graph turntable. POW­ERED UP: More than just a mu­sic player, the Koz­mo­phone has a por­ta­ble speaker sec­tion with Blue­tooth, a head­phone stand, a record player, a wire­less charger, and in­ex­pli­ca­bly, a holo­graphic dis­play. PLAYED OUT: While we can’t ar­gue the util­ity of this piece, we just can’t work out who the holo­grams are for.

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