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It’s re­ally, re­ally nice to open up a box, slap a set of head­phones around your ears, and ac­tu­ally get ex­cited. It’s easy to get a lit­tle jaded in this old re­view­ing busi­ness, so remembering just how im­por­tant a truly good prod­uct can be is kinda cool. And ex­cit­ing, im­por­tant, and cool pretty much sums up the new HS70 head­phones from Cor­sair.

There’s a lot to like, but the key fea­ture will al­ways be sound, and the HS70 cans man­age to bal­ance gam­ing pedi­gree with ev­ery­day sub­tlety. Many gam­ing head­phones boost the lower range to punch up gun­shots and ex­plo­sions with chest-pound­ing power, but the HS70s, while of­fer­ing clear and solid au­dio in-game, don’t go too far over the top. More im­por­tantly, the vir­tual 7.1 sur­round sound ac­tu­ally does its job very well, de­liv­er­ing clear po­si­tional au­dio at all vir­tual dis­tances. Our go-to game for such test­ing is PUBG, and here the HS70s shine, al­low­ing you to pin­point dis­tant gun­shots, or track the lo­ca­tion of that sneaky bas­tard stalk­ing you on the other side of a wall.

This bal­anc­ing act also makes these ideal head­phones for lis­ten­ing to other me­dia. Whether its mu­sic or movies you can en­joy ev­ery part of the track, with­out the thump­ing bass fo­cus get­ting in the way and mud­dy­ing the ex­pe­ri­ence.

Ba­si­cally, these are my new go-to head­phones in terms of au­dio. They’re com­fort­able, to boot, solidly made, and of­fer ex­cel­lent au­dio iso­la­tion – both in terms of block­ing out sound around the lis­tener, and the au­dio be­ing pumped out by the cans them­selves. And while they’re un­de­ni­ably gam­ing fo­cused, you can de­tach the mic for when you just want to lis­ten to stuff, and the de­sign is based around the rest of the HS range. In other words, they don’t look like some­thing from an ag­gres­sively de­signed sci­ence fic­tion film set.

The HS70’s wire­less con­nec­tiv­ity is pretty cool. With a USB don­gle plugged into your PC, you can lis­ten to them up to around 40 feet away and still get a clear con­nec­tion. Block­ing walls and other items will re­duce that, but I can es­sen­tially lis­ten to these head­phones from one end of my apart­ment to the other. Con­trols are hand­ily placed at the rear of each cup, with a use­ful vol­ume wheel on the left, as well a mute but­ton for when the mic is at­tached, while on the right is a power but­ton.

The on­board bat­tery is rated for around 16 hours, though heavy use will ef­fect that num­ber some­what. Your best bet for ex­tended lis­ten­ing is to make sure you turn the HS70 off be­fore putting it aside, but even if the bat­tery

... the vir­tual 7.1 ac­tu­ally does its job very well, de­liv­er­ing clear po­si­tional au­dio at all vir­tual dis­tances.

does run down – and the head­phones beep to let you know that’s hap­pen­ing, you can still lis­ten to them while they’re plugged in to charge.

Given the HS70s come in cheaper than some wired choices in this is­sue, we are very im­pressed. Right now, these are prob­a­bly right in the sweet spot for price and per­for­mance, and if you’re in the mar­ket for a new set of gam­ing ‘phones (that also work with a PS4), you can’t go wrong with these. DAVID HOLLING­WORTH


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