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Red Fac­tion Guer­rilla Re-Marstered hasn’t lost much of its charm, and that’s largely ow­ing to its en­vi­ron­men­tal de­struc­tion tech­nol­ogy, Geo­mod 2, which re­ally hasn’t been repli­cated by many peers in the years since Guer­rilla first ar­rived, not to men­tion the game­play that was quite sen­si­bly tied to it.

As a ter­ror­ist rebel mili­tia, chief among the Red Fac­tion’s means of re­volt is to blow shit up, and Guer­rilla gives you am­ple out­lets to do this.

Whether elim­i­nat­ing an en­emy strong­hold, de­stroy­ing a mov­ing con­voy, res­cu­ing cap­tured rebels from be­hind for­ti­fi­ca­tions, or the var­i­ous de­mo­li­tion-spe­cific mis­sions that timechal­lenge you to take down cer­tain struc­tures, it re­mains a very sat­is­fy­ing and fun ex­pe­ri­ence to level en­emy build­ings that crum­ble with a de­gree of au­then­tic­ity.

Many of the ob­jec­tives lit­tered across the open-world style map will re­ward the player with new weapon un­locks and sal­vage, the game’s weapon pur­chase and up­grade cur­rency. It’s a mean­ing­ful sys­tem that drives the game for­ward. New weapon un­locks like rocket launch­ers, prox­im­ity mines, and an in­creased satchel charge ca­pac­ity are al­ways of­fer­ing big­ger and bet­ter ways to get the most joy out of the Geo­mod tech­nol­ogy, lead­ing to in­creas­ingly spec­tac­u­lar de­struc­tion as you progress through the cam­paign.

As for what you’re get­ting in terms of the re­mas­ter, tex­ture res­o­lu­tions have been given a nice in­crease, in ad­di­tion to light­ing, shad­ows, and shader ef­fects also be­ing up­graded. If you’re com­ing in hav­ing not seen the orig­i­nal re­lease in some time, these changes may not be so ap­par­ent at first, and while more sub­tle than maybe I orig­i­nally an­tic­i­pated, the re­mas­ter does give Guer­rilla a fresh and vi­brant sharp­ness.

Aside from a few slight changes to ve­hi­cles and build­ing styles, depend­ing on which of the six lo­cales of Mars you’ve pro­gressed to, the va­ri­ety only goes so far. For many play­ers it was enough in 2009, but these days your mileage will of course vary.

An­other po­ten­tial is­sue is per­for­mance. Dur­ing ini­tial sit­tings my ex­pe­ri­ence was se­verely di­min­ished by in­tense frame stut­ter­ing and skip­ping, some­times to the point of un­playa­bil­ity.

It’s an is­sue re­ported across sev­eral fo­rum posts in Steam’s com­mu­nity, with many mem­bers chim­ing in to re­port sim­i­lar is­sues. V-sync on, v-sync off, win­dowed fullscreen, win­dowed ex­clu­sive - I’ve given most of the sug­ges­tions a go, while stop­ping short of fol­low­ing through on some of the clas­sic “go buy a bet­ter rig” ad­vice.

Frame is­sues aside, Red Fac­tion Guer­rilla Re-Mars-tered gives old play­ers a de­cent enough ex­cuse to take it out for a guilty spin, and opens a door for new play­ers to ex­pe­ri­ence a blast from the past. And while its ex­plo­sive charms may not have com­pletely worn off, Guer­rilla’s rel­a­tively repet­i­tive mis­sion cy­cle will be harder to make stick in 2018.

For many play­ers it was enough in 2009, but these days your mileage will of course vary.

“I’m-a just stand here and try not to flinch at all the physics head­ing my way.”

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