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01 PlayS­ta­tion Clas­sic

$149.99 • Sony www.plays­ta­ Nin­tendo were on to some­thing with their NES and SNES mi­nis, and Sony ap­pears to have been pay­ing at­ten­tion, so come Dec 3rd, you’ll be able to snap up the PlayS­ta­tion Clas­sic... POW­ERED UP: Promis­ing 20 of “the best” games from the orig­i­nal PlayS­ta­tion, the list re­vealed so far shows TEKKEN 3 and Fi­nal Fan­tasy VII amongst oth­ers! It’s about a quar­ter the size of its pro­gen­i­tor, comes with two con­trollers, and a USB cable. PLAYED OUT: No in­cluded power source, and highly likely to sell out, if it hasn’t al­ready by the time you read this.

02 Nin­tendo Switch Wire­less NES Con­troller

$90 • Nin­tendo www. nin­tendo. com Not to be out­done in the retro con­sole arena, Nin­tendo has also an­nounced a cou­ple of wire­less NES con­trollers for the Switch, so you can play those clas­sics the way Cer­nun­nos in­tended: un­com­fort­ably, with their im­pres­sion gouged into your hands for days. POW­ERED UP: Two con­trollers in the pack, wire­less, recharge­able, and with L and R shoul­der but­tons! PLAYED OUT: You have to be a Switch On­line mem­ber to get these with only one pur­chase al­lowed per Nin­tendo Ac­count, and you must be on a *paid* Switch On­line mem­ber­ship, not a trial. Ouch.

03 Quar­ter Size PAC-MAN Ar­cade

$300 • Geek­store www.geek­ Let’s con­tinue the trip down me­mory lane with this PAC-MAN ar­cade cabi­net from Num­skull! POW­ERED UP: Of­fi­cially li­censed prod­uct, and true-to-life replica, at one quar­ter the size, mea­sur­ing around 17x8x6 inches! Will be lim­ited to only 10k units. PLAYED OUT: One won­ders how durable this will be at the re­duced size. Are our huge ham-hands go­ing to ruin it? Should we just keep it in the pack­ag­ing and hope it funds our re­tire­ment one day? Are our wal­lets now mys­te­ri­ously 300 dol­lars lighter? Who will an­swer these im­por­tant ques­tions?

04 Poly­mega Retro Con­sole

$400 • Poly­mega poly­ MOAR NOS­TAL­GIA!!! POW­ERED UP: Plays CD games in­clud­ing PS1, Tur­bo­grafx CD, Sega CD, Neo Geo CD, and Sega Saturn, while car­tridge games are sup­ported with add-on mod­ules for Gen­e­sis, Tur­bo­grafx 16, SNES and NES, that slot in – each of these has five games pre-loaded and comes with a con­troller. Games can be in­stalled on the unit, and it’s also com­pletely re­gion free, so you can play games from any­where. PLAYED OUT: Neat idea, but it’s re­ally only for those with ex­ist­ing retro game col­lec­tions that they can’t or don’t want to play on their orig­i­nal con­soles.

05 Love Hul­ten Orig­inX

$4800 • Love Hul­ten­hul­ You may have no­ticed a retro gam­ing trend this Hot­ware, and so far this we’ve fea­tured rel­a­tively af­ford­able gear. So here’s some­thing you will never own, from our favourite pre­mium de­signer con­sole mak­ers, Love Hul­ten! POW­ERED UP: Hand crafted with love (and …hul­ten?), this slim wall-mounted homage to the Pong cabi­net fea­tures wal­nut hous­ing, a yel­low façade, and a con­trol panel made from alu­minium. Ca­pa­ble of stor­ing over 10,000 em­u­lated games, it has a USB in­ter­face through which you can load your favourites. PLAYED OUT: Well look, it’s the price, ob­vi­ously. You’d need to have some very se­ri­ous retro love to jus­tify this spend, but wow, it is beau­ti­ful!

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