PCPP scores its games on a 1 to 10 scale. The higher, the bet­ter – though 10 is by no means a “per­fect” game. We’re not con­vinced such a thing ex­ists, so con­sider a 10 a mas­ter­piece of PC gam­ing, de­spite its in­evitable flaws. A 5 is a de­cid­edly av­er­age game; one that doesn’t ex­cel in any par­tic­u­lar area, with­out be­ing an af­front to our senses – the ul­ti­mate in medi­ocrity. Be­low this, you’ll start to find the games our re­view­ers suf­fered an aneurysm get­ting through; above it, the ti­tles truly worth your time and money. And re­mem­ber: a score is only a vague in­di­ca­tion of qual­ity. Al­ways read the full re­view for the de­fin­i­tive opin­ion!

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