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The up­com­ing Ras­takhan’s Rum­ble will pay homage to Hakkar the Soulflayer and the Cor­rupted Blood in­ci­dent.

Few mo­ments are as mem­o­rable in all of World of Warcraft his­tory as the Cor­rupted Blood In­ci­dent. On Septem­ber 13, 2005, a player re­turned from the gru­el­ing new Zul’Gu­rub raid and sum­moned his pet in one of Aze­roth’s cap­i­tal cities only to find that, due to a bug, the pet had ac­quired a de­buff that wasn’t sup­posed to ex­ist out­side of the raid.

Called Cor­rupted Blood, this neg­a­tive ef­fect would deal con­stant dam­age to its tar­get un­til they died—but even worse was the fact that it was highly con­ta­gious. Any­one within a cer­tain range of an in­fected player au­to­mat­i­cally con­tracted the dis­ease and soon died. In a mat­ter of hours, World of Warcraft’s cap­i­tal cities had be­come ground zero of a deadly plague, and they stayed that way for over a week.

“It was all un­in­ten­tional, it was just a bug,” Bliz­zard chief of staff Shane Dabiri told us in our fea­ture where Bliz­zard devs re­flected on the Cor­rupted Blood In­ci­dent and other dis­as­trous mo­ments in WoW’s his­tory.

And now, 13 years later, Hearthstone is fi­nally pay­ing trib­ute to that cat­a­clysmic mo­ment in its own, cool way. Meek Hakkar, the Soulflayer, the boss from which cor­rupted blood orig­i­nated, now trans­formed into a Hearthstone card.

The idea here is that, with enough un­lucky draws, a player could fill their deck up Cor­rupted Blood and even­tu­ally—like WoW play­ers of yore—fall vic­tim to it. It’s not clear ex­actly where Hakkar will fit into the new meta, but high level play­ers are de­bat­ing the vi­a­bil­ity of the card in fa­tigue-based combo decks over on the Com­pet­i­tive Hearthstone sub­red­dit.

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