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@ I’ve got a Cav­a­lier GSi with a C20LET en­gine fit­ted. It’s low­ered 60mm on un­known springs and a set of Koni dampers. I’ve had the track­ing ad­justed, but it’s still pretty hor­ri­ble to drive. It never feels planted on the road and even in the dry it feels like I’m driv­ing in the wet. I had all the bushes checked and they’re all fine so I’m now strug­gling to find the prob­lem. The car is great on nice smooth tar­mac, but soon as I get to a coun­try road or a bro­ken sur­face; it’s all over the place. Any ideas as it’s do­ing my head in! Iain.

QMy As­tra GSi Turbo has con­den­sa­tion in the head­lights and no mat­ter what I do, I can’t get rid of it? Dar­ren A com­mon is­sue on many Vaux­halls, head­light mist­ing is nor­mal, es­pe­cially in win­ter. If it’s more than that, dry them in­side with an air­line and make sure the caps are fit­ted cor­rectly and the seals aren’t split. If they are, re­place them.


With the right mods, a Cav can be a lot of fun on road and track

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