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The Vectra gets a wrap, the Cava­lier re­tires from the BTCC and Ju­lian fixes the Zafira.

If I’m be­ing to­tally hon­est, I didn’t re­alise the fact that if you can feel a car’s body­work im­per­fec­tions with your fin­ger, it’ll show through on a wrap (pos­si­bly even more pro­nounced). My VXR was suf­fer­ing from slight lac­quer peel on its near­side front door and front bumper, plus the car had mi­nor off­side rear wheel arch dam­age where the wide Irm­scher Sport Stars for­merly in place caught body metal af­ter the ride height was low­ered. The idea vinyl would hide these com­plaints was well wide of the mark, which is why the car was sent to Dun­sta­ble-based body shop, West Herts Cus­toms, for cor­rec­tive surgery be­fore be­ing driven to the work­shop of mul­ti­ple BTCC team sup­plier and 3M-ap­proved vinyl wrap­ping out­fit, Joyce De­sign in Es­sex.

West Herts Cus­toms boss, Gary Pemble, and his trusty team soon stripped back each of the Vectra’s af­fected pan­els, re­mov­ing im­per­fec­tions as they worked their way along the length of the car. All wheel arches, lower bumpers, the front valance, lower rear quar­ters and any other area af­fected by stone chips were duly re­paired and smoothed, leav­ing a sur­face ready and wait­ing for the Joyce De­sign boys to work their magic. In­ter­est­ingly, the non-per­me­able primer Gary ap­plied to the treated pan­els is an amaz­ingly close match for Ar­den Blue! His tech­ni­cians also in­stalled the new 362mm AP Racing-spec brake disc kit and fit­ting hard­ware I bought from Cos­worth tuner, Rey­land Motorsport. More on these parts to fol­low in the next is­sue of Per­for­mance Vauxhall.

With the car col­lected and back at my home in Cam­bridgeshire, the Irm­scher five-spokes were re­moved and re­placed by the awe­some matte black MOMO Re­venge nine­teens I show­cased in my last project up­date (or­der a back is­sue copy of the mag at­spv). There are few mod­i­fi­ca­tions which trans­form the ap­pear­ance of a car quite as rad­i­cally as new rims, and it’s safe to say even with­out multi-coloured vinyl cov­er­ing Ar­den Blue paint­work, the MOMO wheels gave the car a much more threat­en­ing look, one en­hanced by the ag­gres­sive tread pat­tern of the low pro­file Yoko­hama AD­VAN Neova AD08R tyres fit­ted by Rafal at Hunt­ing­don-lo­cated al­loy wheel re­pair cen­tre, Wheel Ge­nie.

MOMO distrib­u­tor, Wheel­wright, sent me a set of lock­ing wheel nuts, at which point it was time to drive from the top of the M11 to the bot­tom, where Joyce De­sign’s tal­ented tech­ni­cians were

The Vectra rolling out of the West Herts cus­toms work­shop

Vinyl placed be­neath the top layer of the wrap cre­ates em­bossed bon­net and tail­gate brand­ing

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