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The ST200 was sup­posed to be treated to the Ge­trag F28 six-speed gear­box made fa­mous by the Cava­lier and Cal­i­bra Tur­bos, but this up­date failed to ma­te­ri­alise. In­stead, the F25 five-speed was used, al­though MSD re­vised the fi­nal drive to 4.45:1 and added an AP Suretec lim­ited-slip dif­fer­en­tial for good mea­sure. It’s a su­perb bit of kit, trans­form­ing the way the Vectra han­dles. It also helps to plant power. The same can’t be said for the re­vised gear­ing. Ad­mit­tedly, the ST200 pulls marginally bet­ter in fifth than it would with­out the up­date, but the en­gine revs much higher than is nec­es­sary when cruis­ing at the na­tional speed limit, leav­ing you want­ing to reach for the miss­ing sixth.

The good news is that as far as main­te­nance and re­li­a­bil­ity is con­cerned, the F25 is rock solid. Much like the V6 up front, it’s a part fit­ted to a high num­ber of front-wheel drive, V6-pow­ered Vaux­halls. The clutch is a stan­dard part, hy­drauli­cally op­er­ated and matched to a heavy, vi­bra­tion-dim­ming fly­wheel. Many Grif­fin sixshoot­ers have had their fly­wheels re­placed by lighter, bil­let parts which en­able high revs quicker, al­though they can make a racket and may be un­for­giv­ing at low speed. It’s a trade-off you can prob­a­bly live with! If you are chang­ing or up­grad­ing the clutch or fly­wheel, be sure to re­place the slave cylin­der at the same time.

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