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We’re now ar­guably be­yond the realm of the home me­chanic, sim­ply be­cause on­line communications have de­vel­oped to the point GM can re­strict you from us­ing stand­alone, sin­gle-pur­chase equip­ment with­out the com­pany get­ting a reg­u­lar piece of your wal­let. Like many soft­ware providers, GM now re­quires you to pay a sub­scrip­tion fee to ac­cess its pro­grams, which are hosted re­motely and ac­cessed by plug­ging a Mul­ti­ple Di­ag­nos­tics In­ter­face (MDI) with WiFi into your car be­fore con­nect­ing the de­vice into an in­ter­net-con­nected lap­top.

The MDI hard­ware still has to be bought, but it’s pretty much use­less with­out the sub­scrip­tion. “When com­bined with Global TIS, GDS2 and Tech2Win soft­ware, MDI pro­vides full dealer-level di­ag­nos­tic and pro­gram­ming abil­i­ties for all Vaux­halls cov­ered by Tech 2, as well as those be­yond the scope of the older unit. Astra J and In­signia, for ex­am­ple, run more so­phis­ti­cated fuel man­age­ment com­put­ers than the mod­els be­fore them. Both cars are cov­ered by MDI,” con­firms Marc.

Like Tech2, be­ware of Chi­nese knock-offs and their ques­tion­ably as­sem­bled PCB boards, which have the abil­ity to se­ri­ously dam­age your car. You have been warned!

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