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1 Buy enough hose for the job. Mea­sure the length of each hose you in­tend to re­place. In­di­cate where to cut by wrap­ping mask­ing tape around the new hose and plac­ing a mark where you in­tend to chop. The best way to cut the hose is with a ju­nior hack­saw, but let the blade do the work – ex­ert too much pres­sure and the hose ends may fray.

2 With the hose end (an AN fit­ting) se­curely sup­ported, you can in­sert the newly cut hose us­ing a twist-and-push mo­tion. Bear in mind the hose needs to be in­serted un­til it reaches the back of the socket threads. You have been warned!

3 Mark the po­si­tion of the hose af­ter it has been in­serted into the hose end. This will al­low you to see if the hose is be­ing pushed out when you as­sem­ble the hose end.

4 We found it help­ful to ap­ply a lit­tle light oil in­side the hose and on the threads of the hose fit­tings. We also used a pair of long­nose pli­ers to ‘open’ the hose be­fore in­sert­ing into the hose end. En­sure the hose end and nip­ple are treated to a lib­eral coat­ing of oil to pre­vent snag­ging.

5 Check to make sure ev­ery­thing is ‘square’ in or­der to pre­vent cross-thread­ing. Gen­tly in­sert the hose end into the hose un­til the threads en­gage. Hold the hose to pre­vent it from be­ing pushed out as the hose end is in­serted.

6 Tighten both halves of the hose end to­gether. Use the cor­rect span­ner to pre­vent dam­ag­ing the hose end. En­sure there is suf­fi­cient oil on the threads at the point you tighten the parts. Con­tinue to tighten the hose end un­til you have a gap of ap­prox­i­mately 1mm be­tween the two halves. For a neat fin­ish, ro­tate so that both ‘flats’ line up.

7 Be­fore you fit the hose, it’s vi­tal to check that the hose hasn’t been pushed out of its end fit­ting. If all is okay, a quick clean and the re­moval of the pre­vi­ously ap­plied mask­ing tape is all that re­quires your at­ten­tion. Job done!

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