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Nat­u­rally as­pi­rated Maloo R8s were equipped with the ex­cel­lent 460bhp 6.2-litre LS3 V8. The su­per­charged Maloo R8 was fit­ted with a 543bhp su­per­charged 6.2litre LSA. Vaux­hall-sold cars were avail­able with a sin­gle trim level, but back in the Maloo’s na­tive Aus­tralia, var­i­ous op­tions were of­fered, each in­flu­enc­ing power out­put and body styling.

The Maloo R8 LSA’s engine is a de­tuned ver­sion of the same blown V8 fit­ted to the VXR8 GTS. If you can only find a nat­u­rally as­pi­rated Maloo R8 to buy, but se­cretly want the thrill of forced in­duc­tion, then fret not! LS-series V8s are mas­sively tune­able, with var­i­ous su­per­charger op­tions and power up­grades avail­able off the shelf. These en­gines are used to great ef­fect in Corvettes, Ca­maros and many other Amer­i­can mus­cle cars, so don’t go think­ing your rare Vaux­hall (or HSV as the case may be!) is poorly served by the af­ter­mar­ket tun­ing scene.

LS mod­i­fy­ing is big busi­ness. MWP of­fers a range of V8 tun­ing op­tions span­ning ev­ery­thing from re­place­ment head­ers, in­takes, ex­hausts, su­per­charger con­ver­sions and per­for­mance pul­leys to ECU con­fig­u­ra­tion and map­ping.

“Lis­ten out for tim­ing chain chat­ter when in­spect­ing a Maloo,” says Marc. “There’s no ser­vice in­ter­val for the tim­ing equip­ment, so it’s a case of tak­ing note of un­usual noises to de­ter­mine whether the engine needs work,” he adds. “LS V8s are known to suf­fer cracked pis­tons, so a leak down test is a good idea if pos­si­ble. These same V8s also tend to run lean. I rec­om­mend mak­ing use of good di­ag­nos­tic soft­ware to check air/fuel ra­tio lev­els.”

Ex­hausts dif­fer (in both length and shape) be­tween Maloo R8s and the VXR8 GTS. Af­ter­mar­ket of­fer­ings are avail­able on spe­cial or­der from Aus­tralia, al­though in­de­pen­dent be­spoke man­u­fac­tur­ers will be able to fab­ri­cate pipework to your spec­i­fi­ca­tion here in the UK.

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