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HSV’s fa­mous tagline is “I just want one.” When buy­ers in Aus­tralia handed over their hard­earned dosh for a Maloo R8, they were treated to a spe­cial gift box fea­tur­ing the la­bel, “I just got one.” Con­tain­ing a cap, key fob and a wel­come pack per­son­alised with the buyer’s name, the cool kit was fol­lowed by a sec­ond box of de­lights a year later (pro­vid­ing the buyer kept his or her R8 for a min­i­mum of twelve months). Tak­ing the form of a wooden box con­tain­ing a flask, torch, rug and per­son­alised an­niver­sary card, it was a won­der­fully per­sonal touch, but not one of­fered to buy­ers en­ter­ing Vaux­hall deal­er­ships. If you’re look­ing at an in­de­pen­dently im­ported Maloo R8, check to see if these spe­cial items are present.

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