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Iden­ti­fy­ing a Maloo isn’t a dif­fi­cult job, but that doesn’t mean you should be com­pla­cent when it comes to check­ing out the his­tory of the ute you’re look­ing at. Start by hav­ing a rum­mage around the engine bay. You’ll spot the ve­hi­cle’s VIN plate riv­eted to the near­side front in­ner wing. As you’d ex­pect, model code, chas­sis num­ber, date of man­u­fac­ture, trim iden­ti­fiers and paint codes will be vis­i­ble. Kerb weight may be dis­played on a sep­a­rate iden­tity plaque if you’re look­ing at a in­de­pen­dently im­ported Maloo (such as the blue beauty seen here) or a Vaux­hall-badged load lug­ger.

Engine cov­ers fea­ture a sticker out­lin­ing dis­place­ment, bore/stroke mea­sure­ments, power and torque. There’s also a nifty per­for­mance graph for you to marvel at!

When you have all of the car’s par­tic­u­lars, punch them into the DVLA’s free-to-use on­line ve­hi­cle en­quiry web­site. Any stored in­for­ma­tion re­lat­ing to passes, fails, ad­vi­sories and mileage recorded dur­ing MOT tests will be avail­able for you to view. En­sure the de­tail matches what­ever the ve­hi­cle’s ac­com­pa­ny­ing pa­per­work sug­gests.

Visit my­ and run a re­port to high­light even more in­for­ma­tion about the Maloo you’re look­ing at. Reg­is­tra­tion plate changes, colour swaps, ac­ci­dent dam­age, the num­ber of for­mer keep­ers and ev­i­dence of out­stand­ing fi­nance are just some of the de­tails you can view.


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