Performance Vauxhall - - ASTRA H VXR -


1998cc Z20LeH DoHc 16-valve, VXr pis­tons, pec con­nect­ing rods, piper sin­gle valve springs, piper stem seals and re­tain­ers, fac­tory camshafts, cam cover fin­ished crackle black, arp fas­ten­ers through­out, nortech per­for­mance 90mm maf­less in­take, Vi­brant air fil­ter, eDS inlet man­i­fold, nortech per­for­mance top hat kit, BorgWarner air­w­erx S200SX twin-scroll tur­bocharger, Tur­bosmart 45mm waste­gate with 14psi spring, airtec Stage 3 Gob­stop­per front-mounted in­ter­cooler, mTc in­ter­cooler pipework, Kel­tech per­for­mance cus­tom 3.5-inch down­pipe, nortech per­for­mance twin-scroll tubu­lar ex­haust man­i­fold, mill­tek 3-inch cat-back stain­less steel ex­haust sys­tem, air-con­di­tion­ing sys­tem delete, rnD mo­tors­port 1000cc fuel in­jec­tors, aSnU 330lph fuel pump, 3bar map sen­sor, boost con­trol so­le­noid delete, rnD mo­tors­port cus­tom map on fac­tory ecU, twin slim­line elec­tric ra­di­a­tor fans, mTc yel­low and black sil­i­cone hoses


479bhp, 456lb/ft torque


front-wheel drive, Ge­trag m32 sixspeed gear­box, Helix four-pad­dle clutch, Sachs cover, TTV rac­ing light­weight solid fly­wheel, arp fly­wheel fas­ten­ers, Quaife lim­ited-slip dif­fer­en­tial, rnD mo­tors­port 3-inch gear­stick tower


Bil­stein B14 coilovers, White­line rear anti-roll bar, pow­er­flex poly­bushes


VXrac­ing four-pis­ton front calipers painted yel­low, rey­land mo­tors­port J-hook discs, fac­tory rear brak­ing sys­tem with mTec discs, Brembo fas­troad pads, HeL braided hoses


18-inch revo­lu­tion mil­len­nium sixspoke wheels painted gloss white, fed­eral 595 rS-r 235/40/18 semi-slick tyres


2006 as­tra H VXr, fac­tory ar­den Blue paint­work, elite per­for­mance car­bon­fi­bre wings, mod­i­fied and smoothed front bumper, car­bon fi­bre cus­toms car­bon-fi­bre grille trim, opel ‘Blitz’ badges, cm com­pos­ites front split­ter, adap­tive for­ward light­ing (afL) head­lights, BYc ad­justable rear wing, colour-coded boot strip, per­son­alised reg­is­tra­tion plates


fac­tory half-leather re­caro sports seats, pi­ano Black cen­tre con­sole, flocked pil­lar pod with oil pres­sure gauge, gloss black twin gauge hous­ing boost and wa­ter tem­per­a­ture gauges in driver’s side air vent aper­ture, Irm­scher drilled alu­minium ped­als, Jp cages bolt-in rear roll cage painted yel­low, cD300 head unit


ryan coope for build­ing the car and con­tin­u­ing with its on­go­ing main­te­nance, rix Sidhu and the Z20LeT Lovers crew for the en­thu­si­as­tic knowl­edge shar­ing, Dan robson and the gang at rnD mo­tors­port for their ad­vice and map­ping skills

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