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Chemsave-AuMake alliance


ASX LISTED retailer AuMake Interna onal and privately owned Chemsave have announced the forma on of a strategic partnershi­p aimed at strengthen­ing the brands and broadening their reach among daigou and Chinese tourists.

The combina on will see Chemsave’s 150 member pharmacies and its online platform working together with AuMake’s eight retail stores across Sydney.

While ini ally focusing on the distribu on of AuMake’s own branded products such as Health Essence health supplement­s and Medigum Honey, it’s envisaged the deal may expand in the future.

The products will become available in Chemsave member pharmacies, opening up a new category according to Chemsave chief Michael Dixon.

He told Pharmacy Daily the two organisa ons have also iden fied future strategies involving the en re supply chain to realise further value from the alliance.

The pact commits the companies ini ally to a two‐year arrangemen­t plus a two‐year op on to extend on a mutually agreed basis.

AuMake has a range of skin, body care and cosme cs as well as dairy products and baby foods including formula and has establishe­d itself as a China friendly environmen­t with bilingual staff, mul ple payment op ons including WeChat, Alipay and Unionpay.

The company also offers logis cs delivering products anywhere in the world, including China.

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