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WITH COVID-19 shaking up the lives of people around the world, one US-based pharmacist has used his profession­al skills to land a second job.

Attracted to the profession by compoundin­g, Virginian, James Gibson, decided to get away from workplace stresses during lockdowns to become a licenced bartender and mixologist.

With bars up and running again in his hometown of Tazewell, Gibson has taken advantage of his new accreditat­ion to work at Coaltown Taps, where he has introduced a series of new cocktails to the menu.

Bar owner, Blake Ray, described Gibson as “a pharmacist by trade, mixologist by passion”, noting his new drinks were a hit with locals.

“I am so thrilled to offer our clients another option for robust flavours and look forward to the creations that James develops on our signature cocktail list,” Ray said.

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