Tech­nique As­sess­ment

Af­ter ex­am­in­ing his set­tings, David ad­vised jess tweak just a few set­tings on her Canon 6D

Photo Plus - - The Apprentice -

man­ual mode

Jess was a con­fi­dent young pho­tog­ra­pher and of­ten used Aper­ture Pri­or­ity (Av) or Man­ual mode on her Canon 6D. “You fully take con­trol of your exposures when in Man­ual. This en­ables you to set the aper­ture shut­ter speed to get the re­sults you want, rather than let­ting your cam­era dic­tate what it thinks should be bright and dark in the shot. This is ex­tra im­por­tant when pho­tograph­ing dark land masses against brighter skies,” says David.

White bal­ance

David sug­gested Jess set the white bal­ance to the Day­light set­ting, for con­sis­tent and ac­cu­rate colours dur­ing the day in Devon: “Auto White Bal­ance is okay, but change­able coastal weather can re­sult in a set of wildly dif­fer­ent shots. So I set WB to Day­light for con­sis­tency; shoot in Raw and you can al­ways tweak the white bal­ance in Light­room or in Adobe Cam­era Raw to get the best colour tem­per­a­ture for your scenes.”

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